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                          welcome to Fushun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.! chinese   English
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                          company Introduction 

                          Fushun Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(former Fushun Machinery Factory)was established in 1950 and became a privately owned company in 2002, which specializes in manufacturing of pressure vessels. It has 1000 employees including 230 engineering technical staffs. The factory covers an area of 170 thousand square meters and a building area of 70 thousand square meters. With total asset of 1 billion yuan, the annual production capacity is over 20 thousand tons.

                          The company holds A1, A2 class pressure vessel design, manufacturing license issued by the ASME boiler and pressure vessel license certificate and U, U2, S mark steel, the ISO9001-2000 quality system authentication of the BVQI classification society for France,health and safety 

                           system(HSE) is in compliance with Q/SHS0001.1-2001,GB/T24001-2004/ISO1400:

                          2004,GB/T28001-2001through the Qingdao sunshine system authentication center sinochem authentication and obtain the certificate.The company also holds the qualification of level 3 confidentiality for national weaponry equipment science research and production.It also obtained the qualified supplier certificate issued by CNNC, ensuring the implementation of diversified development strategy.

                          Since the first set of tube and shell heat exchanger of US TEMA standard in China was produced by in 1963, the company staffs with intelligent, resolute, never-say-end and innovative spirit,it intensifies enterprise strength in consecutive years, esp. after the 8th “five year technical upgrading,”the production capacity and technical equipment have been remarkably enhanced. During this period, the company manufactured 28 sets of hydrogenation equipment granted by Sinopec refinery enterprises and made contribution to domestic production of hydrogenation equipment, thus the company joined in the domestication of hydrogenation equipment from Sinopec. 

                          After years of hard work and progress, the company has over 20 non-standard products, various low alloy steel(2.25Cr-1Mo/2.25Cr-1MoV), high alloy steel(Incone1625/hastelloy), stainless steel(316L),duplex steel(2205/2507), low temperature steel,(09MnNIDR/18MnNIMoNbR)

                          3.5Ni,Ti are widely applied. The main products are: large plate welding, forge welding hydrogenation reactor, four in one continuous reforming reactor, high temperature and pressure breech lock heat exchanger, high pressure membrane seal heat exchanger,Ωring heat exchanger, large vertical heat exchanger, high pressure separator, 1st and 2nd stage converter in fertilizer unit, large heat exchanger, tower and vessel used in millions of tons ethylene unit. 

                          With the constant development of new products and annually strengthening of technical capacity, the company service scope keeps widening, and the products are sold as far as to the US, Russia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Iran, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, etc. Since 2013, the company researched and developed the “Five ring”coal gasifier, thousand tons grade plate-forging complex structure hydrogenation reactor, DN1700 large breech lock heat exchanger, fluidized bed residual oil hydrogenation reactor and winding tube heat exchanger, etc. which, have been identified by national industry experts, filling the domestic blank.

                          Looking to the future, we’ll grasp the opportunity to develop rapidly for the better to make more achievement in enhancing China equipment manufacturing industry. To reciprocate the country with industry, contribute to the society and go overseas will be the forever objective worth pursuit and efforts of the company staffs.

                          Tel︰024-57673421 Fax︰024-57591800 /Operating the Department TEL︰ 024-57672893 Fax︰ 024-57686762

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