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                          welcome to Fushun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.! chinese   English
                          current location︰home - > Resources> TrainingPlan

                          Training plan︰

                                 To the end of 2010, senior intellectuals with bachelor degree or higher will more than        500 people

                          Selecting objects︰

                                1、The domestic excellent fresh graduates;

                                2、Under thirty-five years old master's degree;

                                3、Under the age of forty, PhD;

                                4、 Overseas scholar

                                5、 Within the national scope ,bachelor degree or higher, excellent management talent            and professional talent.

                          Selection condition︰

                                1、Good quality: good thinking character and accomplishment

                                2、 Excellent academic performance。

                                3、Strong creativity: strong pioneering spirit and creativity, promising in the                   competition of the market economy      

                                4、Good appearance: generous, elegant style of conversation, have good expression                 ability and excelent writing level.

                                5、Good health

                          Selection method:

                                1、Open recruitment: through the talent market, universities, community oriented                   recruitment etc.

                                2. Volunteer: meet the selection object can be offered to accept selection.

                                3、Social recognition :attracting talents recognized

                                4、commendation: encourage the community to recommend talents.

                                5、The  responsibility: according to the needs of work, to select the talent.

                          selection process

                                1 Primary election: the fist pass is main leaders to meet with the candidates to talk            about their various aspects, 

                                2、Written examination: understand the actual level of the candidates, the ability to             understand and analyze the problem.

                                3、 Interview: After the selected candidate five minutes of self introduction and the              relevant materials provided ,then the main leaders and the relevantleader ship                  evaluation.

                                4、Physical examination: through the interview, physical examination at the designated             hospital to unify physical examination.

                                5、Approval: after finishing the above procedures then to submit the selected list to             Vice Chairman for approval, then to manage employment formalities.

                                6、The new recruitment college students, to sign a labor contract with the company, the           first time to sign the contract period are years.

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